Watching Smokeping

Written by Mitch in Monitoring on Sat 02 May 2015. Tags: monitoring, smokeping,

I switched over a really crappy DSL connection from CenturyLink yesterday, to an even worse company but with better bandwidth(The trade-offs I'm forced to make). As a matter of curiosity and all around just being a geek. I run smokeping on my connection so I can watch the historical timeline and potentially have proof/evidence of a crappy connection if I need it. Assuming of coarse, I could ever get someone at tech support that would be able to understand the graph... anyway. Below is a quick recap of the decrease in latency of my internet connection from the switch over. It also shows what streaming Netflix does to the connection on the DSL before... and the minor difference it makes after the change over(Kids have been streaming something all morning). Anyway, I thought it was interesting, and would post for historical purposes.

Before, After Switch to Cable

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Ansible and Cumulus Linux

Written by Mitch in Automation on Sat 07 February 2015. Tags: ansible, automation, cumuluslinux,


I don't get around to writing these nearly enough. At work I got my hands on a pair of switchs from Penguin Computing. They're whitebox switches running Cumulus Linux. Which is, as they describe it, not based on Linux, it IS Linux. Making me fully right at home. Cumulus Networks has done really well being part of the automation scene since they're inception. They have written modules for Ansible and Puppet to make configuring their switches easier. Which I will be utilizing in this post.


  • Setup base configuration on switch
  • Setup persitance across OS upgrades
  • Upgrade Switch to CumulusLinux 2.5.0

This will required that your ansible.cfg file has included the Library directory of the CumulusLinux Modules.

Base Ansible Directory

├── ansible.cfg
├── configure.yml
├── group_vars
│   ├── all
│   └── rack-3
├── hosts
├── roles
│   ├── common
│   │   ├── files
│   │   │   └── backups
│   │   ├── tasks
│   │   │   └── main.yml   
│   │   └── templates  method of implementing vlans
│   │       ├── hostname.j2
│   │       ├── hosts.j2
│   │       └── motd.j2
│   ├── interfaces
│   │   └── tasks
│   │       └── main.yml
│   └── upgrade_sw
│       └── tasks
│           └── main.yml
└── upgrade-switch.yml

Quick run through of the important bits. I haven't done any massive deployments but my plans for deployment are based on Racks, and I haven't quite figured out a good DRY method for handling VLANs in these files so, if you know of a better way would love to hear it.

I have an ansible.cfg file in this directory so I can add an include for having the CumulusLinux modules in the same directory. I also have kept my ...

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